We believe that our place is the best place in the world. Our place is the South Island of New Zealand.

The South Island is a truly unique and special place. For international and domestic visitors, the South Island delivers every possible experience, from action-packed, thrill seeking adventures, to rejuvenating, relaxing holidays.

Put simply, it’s the best place to live, visit, work and do business. We believe it changes people’s lives for the better, forever.

Christchurch Airport unequivocally champion the South Island, and play a vital part in helping Christchurch, Canterbury and the South Island prosper. As the official gateway to the South Island, we are focused on being the champions for nationally and globally connecting the millions of people who travel through our place in the world every year.

As a business, our focus is on building a stronger business, enhancing customer journeys and being great kaitiaki.

Our Champion Team

Our Champion Team

We pride ourselves on being incredibly welcoming, relentlessly positive, extremely knowledgeable and genuinely approachable. Our team always strives to be helpful and we’re extraordinarily proud to work at the airport and be an active part of the local community.

Our champion team will be known for going above and beyond, working collaboratively and tirelessly for many across Christchurch, Canterbury and the South Island.

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Our Values

Our four values define what is important to us and guide our behaviours, these are:

Make a Difference
Our job counts and people are at the heart of all we do. We succeed through strong relationships with others and by being leaders in our community.

We continually think of ways to be better, to be innovative and progressive, we are not afraid to challenge the status quo. We’re outcome focused and care about results, but not at the expense of our people.

We take pride in our work and care about others. We welcome travellers with warmth, authenticity, respect and a personal touch.

We’re a vital part of South Island and New Zealand infrastructure and we’re here for the long term, so we work in ways that are safe and sustainable. Our approach to safety is proactive, leading, integrated into everything we do and above all else we’re here to protect our people.

Our Values

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